Positive Publicity From A Negative Event

Positive Publicity From A Negative Event

Charter schools in the Chicago are open and operating as normal as the Chicago school system is dealing with a major strike.  Parents of public school students are furious and teachers are striking in the streets.  This has been an extraordinary situation for charter schools nationally and especially for charter schools in the Chicago area.  The following article explains how this negative event is garnering major positive publicity from the likes of the New York Times, Huffington Post etc.

For school choice, the best publicity ever | redefinED


Talk about unintended consequences. Has anything ever – ever – generated more positive publicity for school choice than the teachers strike in Chicago.

I hope you noticed how some of the articles mention the difference between public schools and public charter schools.  It’s almost as if the journalists are explaining the benefits of the charter schools.  Excellent positive publicity at it’s best.


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