How Did A Personal Trainer Get An Interview In

How Did A Personal Trainer Get An Interview In

How did a personal trainer get an interview in

Teresa Sawyer is a personal trainer from North Carolina.  In 2007 she decided to end her career in teaching and begin a new career in the personal training field.

Sawyer had struggled with weight issues for years but starting in 2005 she lost over 183 pounds.  She figured that she had the knowledge and passion to help others get fit and lose weight like she had experienced.

Sawyer explains that she was the girl in school that was chosen last for the kickball team.  But, she didn’t let that hold her back from starting a career in the fitness field.   She was hungry to learn and help others.  Sawyer admits that she didn’t have her second career planned out.  It just happened organically.  Pretty soon she started getting additional certifications.  Now she has become a  certified personal trainer, a certified yoga instructor, an aquatics rehabilitation specialist and a group fitness instructor.

The fitness world was very generous and welcoming to Sawyer.

Sawyer recommends becoming “comfortably uncomfortable”.  Start networking because you might be surprised who will be willing to help.

Here’s how Sawyer was able to get publicity in  She belongs to an association that  was approached by a journalist asking if any members became personal trainers as a second career.  Sawyer fit that description and sent an email to the journalist.  A couple months later, the journalist did an interview and a photographer took the photos for the article. This is a great example of how networking and belonging to certain groups  can lead to business success and pr opportunities.

Sawyer recommends networking and caring about your profession.  That has been a formula that has worked for her.

This is a story of transformation.  Sawyer was obese 9 years ago, but now she has lost 183 pound and has a super fit body that is able to outperform many younger athletes in the gym. Her clients see the value of being trained by someone that has the compassion and knowledge to encourage fitness breakthroughs.

There’s nothing better than a person that leads others by example.

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Teresa Sawyer


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