A Mission To End Bullying – With Gabriella van Rij

A Mission To End Bullying – With Gabriella van Rij

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Bullying has become a national epidemic.

Gabriella van Rij’s mission is to educate children and parents on ways to prevent bullying .   Gabriella van Rij is on a 50 city speaking tour and plans to end the tour at the White House.  

Listen to this interview to hear van Rij’s advice to parents.  Also, you will learn how you can help with “The Ball Of Human Kindness”.

Publicity received by Gabriella van Rij:  Dr. Phil, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why people bully others
  • Advice for victims of bullying
  • What we need to do as a society
  • The active role that parents can play in ending bullying
  • Why this is such an important topic to Gabriella
  • Gabriella’s advice for getting publicity
  • How you can help Gabriella with her mission

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