Lucky Break Wishbone: Media Attention For A Novelty Item

Lucky Break Wishbone: Media Attention For A Novelty Item

Lucky Break Wishbones

How does a novelty item get picked up by the media?

Ken Ahroni, president of Lucky Break Wishbone Corporation knows exactly how to create a product that the media loves.

It all started on Thanksgiving Day 1999. Ahroni saw how much fun family members had breaking a wishbone and realized that he could produce synthetic wishbones as a novelty item.

Now, he’s sold millions of his Lucky Break Wishbones.

How did he do it? Well, he had a fun and interesting product, but getting tons of publicity has helped. Every Thanksgiving he’s interviewed by journalists, and he also receives publicity throughout the year.

A large corporation copied Ahroni’s product in 2005. Ahroni took legal action and won. The court case received a lot of publicity because it was the perfect David vs. Goliath story.

Lucky Break Wishbones are a big hit around Thanksgiving, but they are also very popular as a competitive item throughout the year. i.e. Corporate events, gift bag items, promo’s at trade shows, wedding showers etc.

You can see Ahroni’s product being used in a commercial by the Seattle Mariners here (at the 12 second mark).

Website:  LuckyBreakWishbone

Publicity Received:  CNBC, Seattle Times, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, etc.
Here’s part 1 of the interview:

Here’s part 2:


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