Creating A Brand That Gets Mentioned By Celebrities Creating A Brand That Gets Mentioned By Celebrities

How would you like to have Hollywood celebrities like Courtney Cox and Jennie Garth talking about your brand?  How about getting your product profiled multiple times on the Today Show?

Maia Haag is the co-owner of I See Me which publishes personalized children’s books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child..  I See Me has received a lot of media attention and compliments from Hollywood celebrities.

You can see a tour of I See Me’s latest book, “My Very Own World Adventure” by going here.

Publicity Received:  The Today Show, People, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Entrepreneur Magazine etc.

In this interview you will hear Haag explain what sparked the idea for the company and what it has been like to have celebrities talking about her brand.  Also, you will get ideas for generating publicity and brand building.  Enjoy the interview!


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