How A Bridal Dress Company Has Been Able To Get TV Interviews...

How A Bridal Dress Company Has Been Able To Get TV Interviews – With Erin Scharf

How would you like to get multiple TV interviews for your business?  Todays guest, Erin Scharf has been able to get TV interviews, newspaper interviews, magazine interviews etc. for her business, Brides For A Cause.  Scharf previously worked for NPR so she has a wealth of knowledge about PR and she’s putting that knowledge to work in her business.  Get ready to learn about the charity she supports and get ready to learn her advice for getting publicity for your business.

Publicity received by Brides For A Cause:  Los Angeles Times, KTVK (TV), KHSL (TV), KTVZ (TV) etc.

 In this interview you will learn:

  • Why Scharf started Brides For A Cause
  • Why she supports Wish Upon A Wedding
  • Where Brides For A Cause sells it’s dresses
  • Scharf’s key to success (three steps)
  • Schar’f advice on following up with the media
  • Publicity ideas that have helped Scharf get tons of PR
  • And much more

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